Black Towns Motorcycle Tour 2021

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September. 4-5

The mission of the Black Towns Motorcycle Tour is....


To bring bikers together from across the nation to revitalize the historically black towns of Oklahoma while promoting the history and legacy of black towns nationwide. 

Thank you for joining the Black Towns Motorcycle Tour 2021!! This 3rd Annual tour will take place in conjunction with the 13 Black Towns Tour. Motorcycle riders are encouraged to visit the black towns of Oklahoma to raise awareness for these historic BLACK communities. More people than ever are advocating for the protection and preservation of black lives. Well, black lives were most protected in the black towns, so one should not be considered without the other!! These hubs of black excellence are at risk of falling by the wayside. Your participation is needed to restore these black safe havens most Americans don't even know exist. Tour the 13 towns over multiple visits or conquer ALL 13 in ONE day!! Earn a rider patch for each leg you travel or earn the highest honor of them all, the GOLD 13 Towns patch! Reserve your spot on the tour immediately as space is limited!! WHEN ITS TIME TO RIDE, IT'S TIME TO RIDE!!!



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