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Welcome to Tullahassee!


Red Leg

Tullahassee, Oklahoma is located only 5 miles Northwest of Muskogee, Oklahoma which is actually a port city. This was once known as the most diverse region in the nation. Tullahassee sprang up in the Creek Nation when leaders of the tribe decided to build a school for the children of their enslaved, in 1850. The town was turned over completely to the freedmen by the Creek Nation in October of 1881. In 1899, the federal government granted the town a post office. Tullahassee was also established along a railway, the Missouri, Kansas and Texas line. The AME Church founded Flipper Davis College in 1916. The Tullahassee Mission building was used to host it. The college was the only private institution of higher education for blacks in the state. The last session was held in 1935. The Tullahassee Townsite Company promoted the town throughout the south attracting new settlers. On the National Register of Historic Places is the A.J. Mason building and on the Oklahoma Landmark Inventory is the Carter G. Woodson School. The town reached more than 200 residents by the 1920s. Only 90 residents remain today. Tullahassee is one of the stops along the Red Leg of the 13 Black Towns Tour.

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