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Welcome to Grayson!


Green Leg

Grayson Oklahoma started out as Wildcat Oklahoma. The town was eventually renamed to honor the Creek Chief George W. Grayson. It is located just 52 miles South of Tulsa just north of interstate 40. The post office was established on February 10, 1902. The town boasted 375 residents at statehood in 1907. By 1909 many businesses had been founded. Of course the 2 blacksmiths, 5 general stores, physician’s office, 2 drug stores and cotton gin were owned and operated by blacks. At one point, the town swelled to a population of 411, but dropped to less than 150 by the 1930s, the decade of the Dust Bowl and Great Depression. In 1990, there were roughly 60 residents with that number rising again, but only to 134 in 2010. Less people live there today. Grayson is located along the Green Leg of the 13 Black Towns Tour.

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