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Welcome to Summit!


Red Leg

Summit is located a few miles Southwest of Muskogee Oklahoma. Originally platted as South Muskogee in 1910, the town established its first post office in 1896 ten years before Oklahoma statehood. It was almost inevitable for black towns to spring up along the railways throughout the Creek Nation and Summit was another one of them. The Missouri, Kansas and Texas Railway set up a depot to serve the people in the town. Summit got its name because it was built on possibly the highest point along the railway between the North Canadian and Arkansas waterways. The St. Thomas Primitive Baptist Church was established in the community in 1923. By 1929, the members of the church funded the building of a new sanctuary that still stands in Summit today. Businesses in the town included a grocery store, motorcar garage, filling station and cotton gin. In 1980, the town was incorporated. The town government, however, had been in place since its inception functioning close to 100 years prior to its incorporation. The St. Thomas Baptist Church is listed on the Oklahoma Land Inventory. Less than 150 live in Summit today. Summit is one of the stops on the Red Leg of the 13 Black Towns Tour.

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